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Hi! We have created Interview Bridges to be the leading source for podcast and radio interview connections.

James is a regular host on the Business Innovators Radio Show. He also hosts Recovery Innovators Radio, which helps addicts in recovery tap into the expertise of recovery professionals and leaders.

Tawnya is soon to launch The Milk Coach, a podcast based on personal interests revolving around new motherhood and successful breastfeeding.

Tawnya was raised in an entrepreneurial environment and understands the commitment it takes to build solid working relationships that achieve great results.

A highly organized, passionate individual she believes you can not achieve success without being highly organized.

She has perfected the art of 1st class customer service and can’t wait to put it to work for you. Her background includes over a decade in video and event production topped off with sales and project management.

She is a relationship builder and finds getting to know people a fascinating part of every day life.

James has been involved in Strategic Internet Marketing since the 1990’s. He has seen the rise of the internet and the ebbs and flows of content marketing.

At that time, James owned a hiking tour company and immediately latched onto the internet as a cost effective means to get his message out.

His media strategy typically involved hoping a story or blurb about my company would be written up in some magazine or another.

Spending countless hours trying to woo columnists and editors into featuring the tour company in an article was often fruitless. Or, giving away free trips worth tens of thousands of dollars just for the faint chance an article would get written.

Then the “World Wide Web” arrived and everything changed. Publishing a “brochure” online for a fraction of the cost was now possible. And, online “magazine” writers were seeking out the tour company for content to engage their readers. Wow.

Today, we can really leverage the power of the internet to position you as the trusted authority in your field.

And one of the most powerful ways to do this right now is through Podcast Appearances and Shows.

Contact us today and find out just how quickly we can take you, and your business, to the next level.

And the next, and the next…

Best wishes, James & Tawnya

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