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We understand that finding great guests for your show can be a grind. We eliminate all the hassle while adding a ton of value.

  • We’ll connect you with interesting and articulate professionals to interview.
  • We help you create a backlog of shows so you can produce on a consistent basis.
  • We will also make you and your show an industry leader, helping you to connect with more followers and listeners.

Your dream of building your business while being an educator and advocate for the success of your listeners does not have to be so difficult. Let us help.

Guaranteed Outstanding Guests

Depending on your production schedule, we will provide you with up to four amazing guests to interview, every month.

We do the research, secure the guests and provide you and your team with an introduction so you can schedule the interview.

We guarantee your guests will be a great fit for your show!

Social Media Campaigns

We give you templates you can use in your social media circles to promote your interviews.

Promotions include announcing an upcoming interview to your followers and another inviting them to listen to the interview when published.

We provide great, social media friendly graphics for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn along with the professional copy to help generate buzz around your show. 

Major Media Campaigns

We write a professional press release announcing your upcoming interview and another release reporting the completed interview.

We also provide you with reports verifying the releases along with links to the articles on various major media sites worldwide.

This exposure on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and more sites will position you as the leader and an expert in your industry, someone to listen to and follow. 


Our most powerful package!
  • Four (4) Interviews with Industry Leading Guests
  • Listing in Our Database
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Major Media Campaigns
  • Major Media Logo Files
  • Personalized 1-on-1 Support
  • 20% Savings!
  • Cancel at any time.
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Guaranteed Great Guest!
  • One (1) Interview with an Industry Leading Guest
  • Listing in Our Database
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Major Media Campaign
  • Major Media Logo Files
  • Personalized 1-on-1 Support
  • Cancel at any time.
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Our Guarantee

We guarantee up to four (4) amazing guests on your podcast or radio show every month. (As per your specific agreement.)

If we do not provide you with your guests before your billing cycle ends, we will not charge you until we do and you will receive a 50% discount.

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