Most people try to send ‘cold’ emails to pitch themselves to podcast hosts or to potential guests. Email is not enough.

Email inboxes can be a black hole for communication. Your email can easily get buried in the hundreds and even thousands of emails that podcast hosts and guest experts receive.

Get creative and try to connect with them on their social media accounts, and reach out that way.  Don’t just stop with a quick Facebook message.

Try LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. – whatever it takes.  Make sure you connect with a friendly introduction first, before you make a request.  When you establish a positive relationship at the start, you’ll be far more likely to get a positive response to your request.

Next, follow up, follow up, and follow up!  And after you follow up, you want to follow up. Do not stop until you have either a “No thank you” or a “Yes!”

People get busy and emails get lost, so make note of when and how you reached out and set a reminder to follow up with them in a few days.

Tools like Boomerang will send you automatic reminders to follow up with an email if you haven’t received a response. When you do this, you are showing a host or guest that you are serious about your proposal and will then have the best chance of getting a response.

Sound like a lot of work?  It is!  It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to get quality guests for your podcast or to get yourself booked on the best shows.

Don’t have time to do it on your own? Partner with us at Interview Bridges, and we’ll do it for you!