Mike Koenigs just posted a great video on how to interview experts called “What I Learned from Interviewing 1000 People.”

Here are his key takeaways:

  • Watch and listen to as many interviews of your guest as possible
  • Determine an Outcome, Result or Big Take-Away going into the interview
  • Prepare Your Questions Ahead of Time
  • Get them Comfortable ahead of time, give them an easy out for any difficult questions
  • Keep the Introduction super, super short
  • Let them tell their story…allow them to open the interview…ask them to share something interesting, strange or bizarre about themselves, no one else may know about.
  • Get them to share some Before and After stories… then ask: What did you learn from that experience? What was the biggest take-away
  • Set up a timer on your phone
  • Keep each question and answer segment about 3-4 minutes long
  • Keep your recording area quiet – Close doors
  • Video? – Great lighting makes you look like a pro
  • Have someone else monitor the audio – make sure it’s recording correctly
  • Save, upload and backup the recordings
  • Take pictures of the person you’re interviewing